Become a Professional Boxer

Planning a career in a sport is never easy. There are plenty of uncertainties and the time required for achieving success in sport can be very long. This is true in popular and widely played sport like boxing. If you are thinking is it hard to become a professional boxer, then the answer is YES. Even the top boxers of today took many years to achieve fame on the international stage and hence, one needs to be patient and dedicated throughout his career. Here are some guidelines that will provide you with the right direction for this career.

Start Young
The time taken to become a professional boxer entirely depends on the individual’s ability and performance in tournaments. History reveals that boxers who start practicing and learning the basics of boxing at a very young age make it big in the long run. So, start your boxing sessions under professional guidance and be consistent with your practice.

As you are growing up, you should take your exercise regimen more seriously. To become a professional boxer, you need to train under the guidance of an experienced instructor and follow his exercise instructions totally. Have a time-table for your workouts and keep a track of your daily exercise details. Regular exercise can alone help you build stamina for your fights.

Training Plan
Here is a sample workout and training plan for aspiring boxers:
Start off with a jumping rope warm up for ten minutes. This will improve your body movements and prepare your body ready for further workouts
Twenty minutes of sit ups are recommended for abdominal muscles
Half an hour of jogging and boxing practice for ten minutes is important
Include circuit training, shadow boxing, heavy and speed bag punching and mirror training in your training plan everyday
Stretching and relaxation techniques can help prevent muscle pain and injuries
Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle
Living a disciplined lifestyle is essential. You will have to eat nutritious food and strictly avoid unhealthy food and addictions like smoking and drinking. By doing so, you can have high energy levels and stay fit all the time. This reduces the chances of opting out of competitions due to poor fitness and ill-health.

Get a Professional Coach
Whether you wish to know how to become a professional female boxer or a male boxer, having a reputed coach is a must to succeed at the international level. The duty of a boxing coach is to teach right from basics of defense and attack, rules and regulations of the game, develop competitive spirit and keep the boxers motivated throughout the competitions. As far as possible, try to get a coach who has a brilliant track record and has trained champions in the sport. Another suggestions from my side would be to stick to your coach and not change your coach constantly as this can affect your training negatively.